For Borrowers

Watch your Crypto appreciate in value as you capture its value tax-free with a USD based loan.

For Lenders

Use Valuete’s platform to generate a stable source of income without worrying about the volatility of the Crypto Market.

About Us

B2B lending marketplace for Crypto-backed CeDeFi loans

Valuete is a B2B lending marketplace for Crypto-backed loans leveraging the power of CeDiFi multi-signature wallets to provide the world’s best security and lowest interest rates.

  • Risk Free
  • Asset Backed Loan
  • MultiSig Collateral
  • Legal Insurance
  • 24/7 support
  • User Friendly
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Why Valuete?

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Key Features

Get Most Benefits

Get as much as you want, whenever you want, with the most flexible crypto credit line available.

Near Zero Custodial Risk

Funds are placed in a 2-of-3 multi-signature contract address. With one key kept in Valuete’s military-grade cyber security storage. The second key needed to move the funds is decentralized, making it impossible to execute a large scale hack.

Lowest Interest Rate

Enjoy some of the lowest and most competitive rates for crypto-backed loans.

B2B Marketplace

B2B non-custodial marketplace for Crypto backed loans giving you the choice to choose.

Easy Process

Get a loan against your Crypto without a credit check. In addition, your loan will not be reported to any credit agency.

Customer Support

We offer a highly personalized customer service, preferring quality over quantity.


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Valuete’s extensive Safety measures

Crypto funds are placed in a multi-signature contract with three co-owners: the lender, the borrower, and Valuete. Two independent signatures are required to access the deposited funds creating a fortress of security for your Crypto collateral.

The blockchain address of the BTC collateral is shared to borrower and lender so that funds can be monitored at all times.

Near Zero Default Risk

Our goal is to ensure a near zero default risk from borrowers. Hence why we go through extraordinary measures to ensure the loan is honored at any cost.

Fully Asset Backed Loan

We only offer loans that are fully asset-backed at all times (over-collateralized by at least 200%, i.e. a loan of $1000 needs at least $2000 of securitized Crypto).

Legal Contract

A legally valid and enforceable contract that can be used in the court of law in case of default.

Legal Insurance

Optional legal insurance that can help in case of default.



Default Risk




Legal Contract


Legal Insurance


How Security Works

Why does Valuete’s multi-sig offer better security?

The Valuete model relies on utilizing a 2-of-3 multi-signature wallet for storing Crypto which is used as collateral for securing the loan.

In a 2-of-3 multi-sig wallet you need at least 2 people ( or keys ) to sign a transaction out of the 3 keys that are used to generate this multi-sig address.

Valuete takes extreme security measures for protecting your Crypto by giving you a full-proof way to generate and verify the multi-sig address for a given loan.

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What We Offer

How It Works

It’s the best experience you’ve ever had with obtaining funds. All you have to do is.


Search Offers

Select the best offer against your crypto

Multi-sig wallet created

Lender, Borrower and Valuete co-own this address

Verify the Multi-sig Address

Verify the address independently on Electrum wallet

Sign the Legal contract

Sign the contract with full terms of your choice

Fund the Multi-sig wallet

Fund the wallet with Crypto as per the contract

Loan Delivered

Loan will be transferred after Crypto in mutli-sig is verified